About Shelley Blain Reimer

Shelley Blain Reimer

Mixed Media Artist


Shelley Blain RemeirArtist Shelley Blain Reimer grew up on Bainbridge Island, beach combing, tree climbing and attending local schools. She graduated from BHS in 1987 and Willamette University in 1991. Shelley has fond memories of swimming for the local teams and hanging around Pleasant Beach, Lynnwood Center, Crystal Springs, Fay Bainbridge and other beaches and parks during the summers. She has been swimming competitively for almost 40 years and continues to train and compete with the Bainbridge Aquatic Masters swim team. Massage therapy has been Shelley’s primary career for the past 24 years and she currently enjoys her busy practice at Eagle Harbor Health and Chiropractic on Bainbridge Island, Washington.


We mention the following scenarios as they seem to be the primary influences on Shelley’s artwork:

1- Growing up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by beaches, trees, and leaves

2-Being in and around the water all of the time as an athlete and island resident

3-Working as a licensed massage therapist for over 24 years


You will no doubt recognize these three main influences in her artwork. You will see that Shelley is primarily drawn to watercolors, beach scenes and anything with trees and leaves. Shelley feels that the fluid nature of many of her pieces has grown out of her time in the water and from so many years of practicing the art of massage therapy.

There seems to be a fourth category emerging as Shelley embraces having become a grandma in the spring of 2013. This whimsical and kids art oriented category is making it’s way into Shelley’s artwork as she fully dives into being a Grandma and loving every bit of the journey!

Several years ago after navigating through a series of extremely challenging life scenarios, Shelley turned to art and creative expression to help her manage her stress and emotions revolving around those tough times. She literally shut herself in a room, requested to not be disturbed and she just let the creativity start to flow. This is where the floodgates opened up! Shelley has been running with it and loving every moment of her personal art exploration and now she can’t keep up with the ideas that come to her. She describes it as “having a log jam of ideas trapped in her head” of what to try next. With no formal art training other than a few mixed media classes as a college student, Shelley now believes that her two decades of practicing as a massage therapist, and her time around the water, has given birth to this mixed media, abstract artist.